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 Basket Order Page!

Order by Feb. 28, 2023 for:


$5 off 12" Plastic and 14" and 16" Imperial Baskets


$10 off of 18" Crater Lake, City Baskets, and Deck Planters

And Your Baskets Will be Ready by Mother's Day!

Here's how you start your order for Petunia, Trixi or Custom Mixes
  1. Click on the size and type of basket you want. Baskets are priced by the size of the basket and not by the flowers you select.

  2. Select the type of flowers and colors you'd like in your basket (Petunia, Trixi, or a Custom Mix that you create)

  3. If you decide on a custom mix, you need to be prepared to type in the variety and color of the flowers you want. Click here to view custom flowers. 

  4. Determine the date you'd like your baskets and we'll notify you when they are ready:
    * The week of May 1

    * The week of May 8
    * The week of May 15
    * The week of May 22
    * The week of May 29
    * The week of June 5
    * The week of June 12
    * The week of June 19
    * The week of June 26

  5. Decide if you want a standard free pickup or have them delivered and set up for a specific fee (Zone 1 - $97 or Zone 2 - $132). For delivery outside of these areas, please contact us for availability and a quote.

  6. Click here to determine your specific delivery zone and the fee for delivery.

Begin your order by clicking on the size of the basket below.

Choose to pick up your order or check your delivery zone

Click here to view Petunia Mixes for your basket. 

Geisha Girl.JPG

Click here to view Trixi Mixes for your basket. 

Custom Flower Image from Jeremy_edited.jpg

Click here to view all the flower options to create your own hanging basket. 

Click on the Size of Basket You'd Like... 

Give us a call 541-779-5603 and schedule your consultation soon. We'll help you spruce up your garden or landscape and take the work out of making your yard beautiful.

More Than Just a Great Place to Buy Plants!

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