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Landscape Design

Let Us Create a Beautiful Landscape Design for Your Home or Business

A landscape design from Four Seasons Nursery.

You're in a new home or business and you want to upgrade your landscape. Or the current landscape you have is overgrown, tired looking in a desperate need of a redo.


It's important to understand that the best landscape for your home or office is one that pays attention to the type of terrain you have, your climate conditions, and the architectural style of your home or office.  For instance, you may not want an English garden in an arid climate or with an Adobe style home. ​​

Call us at 541-779-5603 to discuss your landscape design needs. 




What You Should Consider Before Creating Your Design

  • What type of yard do you have? Is it sunny most of the day or do you have a lot of shade?

  • How do you plan to use your yard? Do you have children and will want to play ball, are you empty-nesters and will be entertaining a lot, do you have pets that will need space to run? 

  • Do you want a low-maintenance landscape or do you want lots of bedding areas because you like to garden?

  • What type of landscape will be best for your climate and your style of home?

  • What kind of landscape best reflects your lifestyle and the amount of time you have to enjoy your yard? 

Foundation landscape for a home.

Here Are Examples of Our Landscape Designs

Give us a call 541-779-5603 and schedule your consultation soon. We'll help you spruce up your garden or landscape and take the work out of making your yard beautiful.

More Than Just a Great Place to Buy Plants!

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