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Meet Your Gardening Professionals

Tim Elbert

Owner, Personnel Development, Landscape Designer, Overall Troubleshooter and The Timinator

You could say that horticulture is my passion. From the early age of 13, I began working during the summer doing landscaping for people in our area. I did this right through college at Oregon State University where I studied business, horticulture, and landscape design. While at college, my dad opened up Four Seasons Nursery, as he, too, had always been passionate about plants. After college, I worked in the business with him and in 19 took over the operations. I’ve been working here for 25 plus years.


What I enjoy the most about this business is that I create positive, lasting relationships with my customers, employees, and vendors. In addition, I enjoy creating successful, meaningful landscapes for my clients.

In addition to the business, where I spend most of my time, I am an avid woodworker and woodturner. I also enjoy landscape design and bonsai.


I live in Eagle Point with my wife, Lisa. I have one son, Brandon, who works in the business with me and two daughters, Amanda and Brittany, who also worked in the business in the past.


Favorite Plants: Redbud tree – which is colorful, diverse, and unique. Daphne shrub – reminds me of my dad as he was a grower of Daphne for many years.  Columbine – a very unique perennial flower.


Memorable Moment: One of my most memorable moments was to create a landscape for a customer whose mother was on home hospice. The view from the mother’s window was created to be a peaceful, beautiful setting for her final days.


Brandon Elbert

Nursery/Marketing Manager, Safety Officer

I guess you might say I’m a chip off the old block. That’s because I resemble my dad, Tim Elbert, in both stature and disposition. Plus, besides the botany class I took in high school, I owe everything I know about horticulture to him.  And we both like to get our hands dirty, literally, helping our customers with their gardening needs to ensure they have an amazing gardening experience.


I’ve been working for Four Seasons officially for a few years....(unofficially since i was old enough to hold a shovel)…I had the inside scoop on the hiring process…last name of Elbert. And I have to say it’s been fun working with the customers that come through our door, inspiring them to try new plants and experiment with their gardens. I also enjoy creating tutorials and learning every day with my customers.


Fishing is a great passion of mine. So if you want to find the plants you’re looking for in the nursery, don’t bring up fishing or I might talk your ear off.


What you may not know is that I also have a deep love of music and enjoy houseplants and bonsai.


Favorite Plants: Coral Bark Maple – I love the bright orange bark. Mexican Orange – a dense evergreen shrub that is absolutely fragrant. Lenten Rose – woodland like feel with blooms that last from winter to summer.

Memorable Moment: I planted a flowering plum for a customer in the same area of yard as my father planted 15 years earlier. The customer asked me when I finished if I could remove the stakes from the tree that my dad had planted and use them for the tree I was planting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t because the root system had swallowed those stakes and they wouldn’t budge.


Jeremy Simpson

Growing Operation Manager

I’m now officially the Greenhouse/Growing operation manager, but during the season you’ll find me wearing many hats. No matter what I’m doing, my number one goal is to provide the best plants possible for our customers.


I came to Four Seasons after seeing a “Now Hiring” sign early one season and put in an application. I was hired right away and I’m so glad I saw that sign. I have quite a bit of experience in customer service and general labor. But that first year I found that I really enjoy horticulture and each season it only grows stronger. I’ve now been working at Four Seasons for over six years.


I owe my work ethic to my parents who taught me how to work extremely hard, but also to not take myself too seriously. And that really helps me to fit right in with this amazing team at Four Seasons.


In addition to the team and the customers I come in contact with every day, I have to say that the plants definitely keep me here. Some days we may be busy or the weather may be bad, but there is always something special blooming here that will brighten up my day.


What you may not know is that I’m a big music fan, and I like to sing when nobody is around. So if you happen to come in the store on a really slow day you may hear a few bars from one of my favorite songs. In addition, I also enjoy hiking.


Favorite Plants: Summer Hydrangeas – I’m a big fan of blue flowers. Cryptomeria, Corokia, and hinoki Cypress – unique structure


Memorable Moment: If you’re working for Tim, something sunny is bound to happen at least once a day. I remember during my first spring open house, seeing Tim strutting through the nursery with a cart full of flowers and singing along to the radio.


Lisa Marquis-Horne


I’ve been in the customer service business for over 15 years, and I was excited to work at Four Seasons because I truly enjoy working outside and gardening. This will be my Third season at Four Seasons.

What I really enjoy about working here is being able to help my customers create exactly what they’re looking for and that gives me great enjoyment. I love to garden and spend time with my family.

I moved to Medford from Klamath Falls Six years ago with my son, Jaron. I love to hunt and fish.

Favorite Plants: Phlox – you can create a great blanket of color. Calla Lily – a gorgeous flower.

Memorable Moment: I created some hanging baskets for a wedding and after the wedding, the customer called to thank me and tell me how beautiful they turned out and the compliments they received from the guests.



Head of Security

Don't let anyone tell you differently. I'm the brains of the business. I keep everyone in line and make sure that the mice don't even think of coming on our property. I enjoy our customers, especially when they give me a pat on the head. And I love all the beautiful plants around the property and all the many areas where I can take a little cat nap. 


Favorite Plant: Catnip


Memorable Moment: When I got adopted to be the Head of Security for Four Seasons Nursery. When they saw me in my interview, they knew I was perfect for the job. They don't pay too much but I do get treats once in a while.

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