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Jeremy, Tim and Brandon
Tim and Brandon Goofing Around
The Great Gang at Four Seasons
Kevin Elbert, Founder and Tim's Dad
Jeremy and the Timinator
Guess Who?
Jeremy Taking Charge
Dakota Hanging Around
Eagle Point Basket
The Big Cheeses!

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow...

Four Seasons Nursery was established in 1987 by Kevin Elbert, who always loved growing plants and wanted to provide that service to the people in his community. On a trip to Victoria, British Columbia, he discovered some amazing hanging baskets and decided to create his own Crater Lake hanging baskets. Today, you'll find them hanging along the streets of Medford, Ashland, Central Point and in other businesses in the community. And if you're lucky enough to attend one of our hanging basket classes, you can make them for your home as well. 


After studying horticulture and landscape design at Oregon State University, Tim Elbert, Kevin's son, joined the family business and ran the retail store, as his father built up the growing facility. Tim purchased the operation from his dad in 2007 and has continued the legacy of his father, with over 30 years of experience and knowledge of gardening and landscaping.


Tim is well known as the "Timinator" for his very popular YouTube videos and for the television and radio programs he does where he answers questions and gives tips to callers and viewers.


The future of Four Seasons is a bright one, with Brandon who will now continue in his father's footsteps. Together with his father, Tim, they continue to add color to the Medford area with their beautiful Crater Lake baskets and the amazing plants they offer to the community.  

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