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Hanging Basket Workshops

Discover How to Create Amazing Hanging Baskets at Four Seasons

Tim explaining how to create a hanging basket

Every spring at Four Seasons Nursery we hold our Hanging Basket Workshops where you learn the techniques for creating beautiful hanging baskets for your home or business. We'll show you how to put together your basket, what plants work best, and the types of fertilizers you should use to keep your baskets looking great all summer long.


So if you haven't been to any of our workshops, watch for information on them coming in the spring. 


"We learned so much in this class about how to create a beautiful hanging basket. Tim was great at explaining everything we needed to do. It was so much fun and the baskets that were created were amazing."
Lorie Rosenberg


Tim shows off his hanging basket at the hanging basket workshop.

Customers Enjoy Creating Their Own Hanging Baskets

Here you'll find customers at our Spring Hanging Basket Class learning how to create their own hanging baskets using our incredible plant material, fertilizer, and soil from our store. You'll also see some great hanging baskets that we sell in the Garden Shop. Discover how much fun it is to create your own planting pots and hanging baskets!

Visit Four Seasons Nursery and we'll be happy to help you plant your pots and hanging plants or we can do it for you.  

Or call us at 541-779-5603 to let us know what you're looking for.


People and Plants Are Our Reason Every Season!

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