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Four Seasons Cares
Landscape Maintenance


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We Care About You!

Many companies in the valley can maintain your yard and landscape, but Four Seasons Nursery truly demonstrates what "Care" really means. 


We're not just a mow, blow, and go company. Our new Cares Division comprises a hand-picked team of professionals with the knowledge and specialized skills needed to take care of your yard all year round.

Bringing You Years of Experience!

You get over 40 years of knowledge and experience coming to your yard, testing your soil, studying your plants, and inspecting your lawns to create for you, a customized feeding and maintenance program. We'll help keep your yard and gardens the healthiest they can be all year long. 

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How We Help You!

We're so much more than a maintenance company! We'll study your landscape thoroughly and determine what needs to be done to ensure its beauty all year round. We'll look at each property as a unique ecosystem, driven by the character of the families who reside in it. We utilize integrated management practices to protect and enhance your little piece of the earth.

Three Care Plans to Meet Your Needs!

Our cares team will customize our services to meet your specific needs. From basic feeding and monitoring to full landscape maintenance, we can provide the level of service you are looking for. Take a minute and look at our three levels of services below to determine the plan that's right for you.   

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November 2021 Cares Photo (3 of 3).jpg

Cares - Basic!

No more lugging heavy fertilizer bags or renting bulky spreaders. We take the worry out of caring for your yard. We'll test your soil and feed your lawns with the proper quality products at the right times throughout the year. We'll come back again three to four weeks later to ensure your yard is responding as intended

Standard: Five applications and five monitoring visits

Organic: Three applications and three monitoring visits.

Cares - Basic Plus!

You get everything in the basic program plus tree and shrub feeding. We make sure that the shrubs, trees, and perennials in your landscape are free from pests and are fertilized at the appropriate times, and with the proper fertilizers.

Standard: Two feedings visits, spring and fall.

Organic: An organic option is available as well.

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Cares - Deluxe!

Leave all the work to us! We will care for your lawns and landscape with our all-inclusive service. We will come by weekly and maintain your lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowers. Our integrated feeding program is customized to your plants and lawns, taking into consideration your soil, exposure, and location. We include pest, disease, and weed management, optimized to your level of comfort.

Standard: Weekly monitoring and application visits

Organic: An organic option is also available

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See some examples of how we help you with your yard and landscape...

Give us a call 541-779-5603 and schedule your consultation soon. We'll help you spruce up your garden or landscape and take the work out of making your yard beautiful.

More Than Just a Great Place to Buy Plants!

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