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Cares Division Keeps Your Yard Looking Beautiful


Many of you have experienced our services in some way or other but never like what we are doing now! We have expanded our services so much that we have created a new division we are calling our Cares Division.


We're so much more than a maintenance company! We will study your landscape thoroughly and help determine what you need to do to make it beautiful all year round.


You get over 40 years of knowledge and experience coming to your yard, testing your soil, studying your plants, and inspecting your lawns to create for you, a customized feeding and maintenance program. We'll help keep your yard and gardens the healthiest they can be all year long.


Give us a call and schedule your consultation soon. We'll help you spruce up your garden or landscape and take the work out of making your yard beautiful.


See how we help you with your landscape...

Visit Four Seasons Nursery and we'll be happy to show you some annuals, perennials, trees & shrubs, fountains, and statues for your home or garden. Or call us at 541-779-5603 to let us know what you're looking for.


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