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How We Meet Our Customers' Needs!

By Tim Elbert

The greatest group of people in the world work for me. You may disagree but I am thoroughly convinced. Those of you who have shopped with us, or have had our Cares Team at your home or business would certainly agree, I am sure.

These wonderful people are gearing up to bring you the best spring ever! While you are finishing up preparing your yard for winter, this magnificent group of people is preparing for unprecedented changes that will make your shopping experience with us even better than it has ever been!

We Care About You!

It is more than just a new look. Yes, we are updating our logo and modernizing our image but it is not just decoration. Our new logo speaks volumes about how much we care about you, our customers, the plants and products we provide for you, and your home environment. Our new image represents the three major divisions of our company, providing you with:

  • Local plants and flowers

  • Specialized care and advise

  • And a level of service unmatched in the Rogue Valley

More Workshops and Seminars

We are also adding more workshops and seminars. Many of you have been to our popular basket planting workshops in the past. Now we are adding more, diversified and exciting workshops for next year, many with live streaming! Stay tuned for more information! And here is a teaser – I am not the only one who will be teaching… I told you we have an amazing group of people here!

Grows Division Now Offers Perennials!

Our ‘Grows Division’ has also expanded to include perennials! That’s right, Jeremy has been hard at it all summer and fall preparing some fantastic perennial flowering plants for you come spring. And he is not just stopping there, word is we will have Four Seasons grown veggie starts this spring as well! Did I mention my team is stupendous?

Cares Division Keeps Your Yard Looking Beautiful

Many of you have experienced our services in some way or other but never like what we are doing now! We have expanded our services so much that we have created a new division we are calling our ‘Cares Division’. This is so much more than a maintenance company! We study your landscape thoroughly. You get over 40 years of knowledge and experience coming to your yard, testing your soil, studying your plants and inspecting your lawns to create for you, a customized feeding and maintenance program, guaranteed to keep your yard and gardens the healthiest they can be all year long. Give us a call and schedule your consultation soon, it is bound to get busy really soon!

New Signage Coming Early Next Year

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Keep an eye out for our new sign coming the first of the year! We are super excited to be getting it! It will sport our new logo, and more! And stay tuned for more great changes to your favorite garden center!

Call us and find out how we can help you spruce up your garden or landscape and take the work out of making your yard beautiful.


Open Monday - Saturday 9 am - 5:30 pm Sundays 10 am - 4 pm

5736 Crater Lake Avenue

Central Point, Oregon 97503


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