18" City Hanging Basket - Combo Petunias

Click on the drop-down to the right to choose your petunia combo color mix. Order and pay for your hanging baskets by February 28 and they'll be ready by Mother's Day in May; you'll be notified when they're ready. PLEASE NOTE: For 14", 16", city baskets, and deck planters, if you have pots you'd like to return to us to re-use for your baskets, you can receive an additional store credit if they are received before February 28.


Choose, on checkout, free pickup at our store or a standard delivery fee of $60 (from Ashland to Shady Cove). For extended deliveries outside of our normal delivery area, you'll be charged $60 today and then an additional fee at the time of delivery.  (Call us at 541-779-5603 for your additional delivery charge.) 


Your combo basket mixes include:


  • Mix 1 - Red, White, Purple Majesty
  • Mix 2 - Red, Purple Majesty, Pink Vein, Blue Vein
  • Mix 3 - Red, White, Rose Vein, Giant Purple
  • Mix 4 - Red, Giant Blue, White, Magenta, Indian Summer
  • Mix 5 - Red, White, Purple Majesty, Heavenly Blue
  • Mix 6 - Magenta, Purple Majesty, Rose Vein, White
  • Mix 7 - Magenta, Pink Vein, Purple Majesty

18" City Hanging Basket - Combo Petunias

$139.00 Regular Price
$129.00Sale Price
  • Free pickup at our store; $60 standard delivery and setup fee for deliveries from Ashland to Shady Cove. For extended delivery options outside our normal delivery area, you will be charged $60 today and then an added fee before delivery. Call us at 541-779-5603 to find out your additional delivery charge.